100x100 Factory is a company that produces and distributes furniture. A container of lifestyles, which focuses on the value of the Beautiful-Well-Done as Industrial Designer of the III Millennium, interpreting in a structured and integrated way the new needs of the end consumers, creating an emotional journey combined with concrete and different experiences that are realized in Manganèse, Het and Bonetto 1968.

100x100 Factory is born as an incubator of design concepts (Design Brand Incubator) to rediscover, tell and deliver to those who live it, will love and pass on the value of design combined with the industrial genetic heritage, expression of territorial communities and knowledge. Brands representing worlds and lifestyles, values of sensitivity and attention to man and the environment and the rediscovery of genius and passion, where Design is the glue. All solutions and products follow a logic of empathic design, with a mix of useful and functional proposals combined with an emotional experience.


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The Collection is designed by Manganese Editions, creative office of Saguez & Partners, design agency in Paris. It is a workshop of ideas and a colors laboratory whose goal is to mix heritage and modernity in its products.

An answer to the requirements of everyday life, where private and public activities blend and coexist.

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"In a world where everything is flattening, we are back to the origins of design".

The Bonetto collection, founded in 1968, a fruitful period for Italian industrial design, is the ideal laboratory for creating and transmitting value. It is characterized by strong technical components, where combination of materials are used in an innovative way.
In these products the value of craftsmanship is synonymous with style and high quality.

Bonetto1968 will be available from October 2018.

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Started as concept in 2002, HET has reviewed the housing schemes with the project "Bio-Tech-House". The goal was to find a balance between nature and man, in response to the ever-increasing problem of environmental pollution in the cities.

Today HET represents the evolution and the implementation of the same philosophy in a family of products that use technology without forgetting that nature must be considered and respected.

We know that our initiatives contribute not only to verifying our capacity for growth, but also our aspiration to have an increasingly positive impact on the world around us.

We have always been committed to pursuing growth objectives while remaining aware of how our actions impact the contexts in which we operate. Commitment, respect, integrity and responsibility are values that distinguish our approach to business.




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